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7th Inning Stretch Organic Gardening

Fall is like the 7th inning stretch for organic gardeners and organic farmers. Plenty of game left and fun to be had! After the heat and stress of summer, the gardener is a little whooped and weeding and watering can wear you down. For us here in Kentucky, we have got drought conditions that can take a crop down overnight. But things ALWAYS get better in the fall. It’s, for a lot of us, the most productive time of the year. Spring, its gets all the glory, its true. The promise of a fresh start and all the excitement that comes with it. Yet if you look at what you can grow in the fall, it is clear that it is easier and just as productive. Why? Soils are warm and germination is quick. No transplanting. Just plant seeds and off you go. Of course soils do need nutrition replaced. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium levels, and the micronutrients, all need a boost through organic compost, compost tea, or organic, mineral-based fertilizers. Fish emulsion and liquid kelp is also a good alternative. But whatever the choice, the organic gardener mustCover Cropping in the Organic Garden reinvigorate the primary asset – the soil. So what can be grown? Well…you can plant asparagus seeds and crowns.  I planted three year old crowns, cuz I can’t wait three year for harvest! Pole snap beans can be started now. Certain varieties are better than others so check with your organic seed provider.  Brussels sprouts can still be planted until end of July. The cold weather makes them sweeter when it is harvest time. Beets, short season corn, endive, kale lettuce leaf, mustard, potatoes (yes, it’s true!) can all be planted. Spinach and radish and turnip too! Now we can’t check our brains at the door though. Regular watering (rain water if possible vs city water) is key to young plants with new root structure. I like to use Agribon shade cloth also to keep young start from frying. I use the lightest – AG-15. And you got to keep weeds from competing for nutrients and outgrowing your new starts.  So mulch or hoe or use weed barrier cloth.  Not rocket surgery here but essential. Now if all this is just past you, do one thing. Turn your garden and use organic cover crop. Buckwheat is good now. Winter cover crop can be put in in about a month. This adds back nutrients, green manure, improves soil structure and prevents erosion. All for very little money or effort. Check out using ground hog  radish to bust up hard soils  or a mix of hairy vetch, winter barley, red crimson clover, and ground hog radish to create the optimum soil repair cover.  Good luck and don’t miss the rest of the game!

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