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More chicken health: a first aid kit

Backyard chickens are pretty easy to keep as a rule and most go thru life without a hitch. That being said, stuff happens! We have to do some minor doctoring from time to time. And occasionally, we have some trauma injuries that must be treated. Because of this, we created a first kit specifically for our birds. Nothing fancy or expensive, but it can really save the day when you and your special lady friend are in a tight spot. So below is our list of recommended items. Most are available at your feed store (including Fresh Start) and the local pharmacy. Just get a nice clean box to keep it in and put it somewhere handy. Easy peasy. And we hope you never have to use it!

Super glue – wound closure (drugstore)

Hydrogen Peroxide – antiseptic (drugstore)

Cotton balls – cleaning supply (drugstore)

Qtips – cleaning supply (drugstore)

Redmond Clay – blood coagulant , also digestive for diarrhea (Fresh Start Growers Supply)

B & W Ointment – wound heal ant (Fresh Start Growers Supply)

Blu- Kote – spray wound heal ant for surface wounds (Fresh Start Growers Supply)

Eye dropper – for wash and mouth (drugstore)

Diatomacous Earth – internal and external anti-parasitic (Fresh Start Growers Supply)

Raw Garlic oil – organic anti-biotic and anti-parasitic (Fresh Start Growers Supply)

Latex gloves – hand protectant for ovum issues/prolapsed egg (drug store)

Vasoline – Lubricant for ovum issues and comb protectant for cold weather (drug store)

Hand towel – wrap for inspection and medical treatment (your moms laundry)

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