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Organic Cover Crop

Organic cover cropping for better yield at lower cost

We are selling quite a bit of organic cover crop seed this year to homesteaders, farmers and gardeners. It is clear that most get the benefits – increased organic matter, nitrogen fixation, erosion control, beneficial insect support, and reduced need for fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. All good right! The other thing that folks forget though is the lowered cost of production thru increased yield. How does this increased yield happen? By using organic cover crop.
Cover cropping organically promotes better surface water infiltration for one,  because we are creating a mo

Cover Cropping in the Organic Garden

Cover crops help to add nitrogen back into the soil as well as add a source of green manure.

re porous soil that has higher water holding capacity. Secondly, organic cover cropping is creating an improved soil structure that allows for better root development and therefore better water and mineral uptake. Also, the addition of organic matter improves the beneficial soil microbial life, which improves plant vigor and reduces pests and diseases. Lastly, we are increasing nutrient uptake, adding to plant vigor.

 These benefits all add up to higher production per acre, or square foot. The use of organic cover crop, of course, also improves our water quality, reduces chemicals in the soil, and creates a cleaner, more nutrient dense food. Undoubtedly one of the best things we can do to feed ourselves is to feed the soil on which we grow thru organic cover crop techniques.

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