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Spring Chickens

newborn spring chickensNothing says “spring” like some cute baby chicks! Raising your own chickens not only provides you with the freshest best-tasting eggs on earth but it’ll also help your garden by providing home generating compost.

You can skip ahead to shop for your chicken, or read our guide below.

Whether you’re raising chickens for the first time, or you’re an urban homesteading pro, here are four things your chicks need to thrive:

1. A safe place to grow. While your backyard might be the perfect place for full grown birds, baby chicks need a safe space to grow while they get all of their feathers. While some might prefer the bathtub, a sturdy plastic bin lined with kiln dried all natural pine wood shavings makes a cozy and secure home for your chicks during their first few weeks. If you’re starting with eggs, check out our reliable and affordable incubators featuring adjustable temperature and humidity control.

2. Plenty of warmth. A good start in the early days of life increases the odds that your chicks will grow big and strong. Consistent warmth is an essential part of helping your chicks thrive. A high quality brooder lamp will make your chicks warm and cozy. Fresh Start Growers’ Supply features Little Giant’s aluminum brooder lamp, designed for safety and convenience. Not only does the Little Giant brooder lamp prevent corrosion, but it comes with a heat-resistant ceramic socket and built-in hanger for easy suspension.

3. Easy access to fresh water. Fresh water is something every chicken, big or small, needs to thrive. While this sounds easy enough, chicks can be messy! A well-designed chick waterer makes it much easier to give your chicks easy access to clean water. We’ve got a variety of options for you to consider made from galvanized steel and heavy-duty plastic. With a durable and easy-to-fill chick waterer, both you and your birds will be happy!

4. All natural food. You are what you eat so why not start your chicks off with the very best feed available. Our non-GMO chicken starter feed is made with the perfect balance of fresh ingredients like non-GMO roasted soybeans, corn, organic oats, organic fish meal, alfalfa, and more. And as your birds get bigger, we’ve got nutritionally balanced non-GMO 16% protein feed to keep your chickens healthy and strong.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your feathered friends!

Fresh Start Growers is ready to help you get started with everything you need to enjoy healthy spring chickens. For additional information and answers to your questions, give us a call at 502-442-7883 or stop by our store today!





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