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Row Cover Row Cover
Brand: Dewitt Model: dew-fr-01
We have worked hard with our supplier to bring the highest quality and lowest cost row covers to our friends at Fresh Start. Protect your plants from ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super N 4-2-4, 50#
Super N 4-2-4 is specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get the germinati..
Model: Porter's Lotion, Sweet, Scented
Sweet Porter's Lotion is the first new Porter's Lotion in over 70 years. The added essential oils, Lemon grass, Bay, and Mint create a scent remi..
Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 6' X 250' Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 6' X 250'
New Pre-Order
Model: Dewitt
Protect your plants from frost using Dewitt Frost Blankets.  This durable row cover fabric is great for extending the growing season.  Frost..
Model: Meal Worms, 1 lb
Dried meal worms are a great source of protein for poultry - and man they love the treat. Use this high protein offering to train or treat your chicke..
Organic German Butterball
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Golden skin with yellow flesh.  • Medium to large round/oval shaped tubers. • Excellent storage qualities.  • Late s..
Bushel Basket, Wood
Hot 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Basket, Bushel
This is a farm-styled bushel basket, handy for bringing produce from the field or for market display. Has a rustic look and is durable for multiple us..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Landscape Anchor Pin, 12
Great for pinning landscape fabric, row cover, shade cloth or whatever.  6"  long. Sturdy and longlasting. Multi- year use...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Redmond Trace Min Selenium 90
Redmond Trace Mineral With Selenium 90 Loose Salt is an all-natural salt extracted from these deposits, containing more than fifty trace minerals. Thi..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Cottonseed Meal
Cottonseed Meal is a great nitrogen source.  This all natural fertilizer's low pH level makes it an excellent, slow-release source of nitrogen fo..
2 - 3 Days
Model: Ladybugs
Typically, Ladybugs (Hippodamia convergens) eat over 5,000 Aphids and other soft-bodied pests during their one-year lifetime. Ladybugs are one of the ..
Grow Your Own Health Care - Bumper Sticker Grow Your Own Health Care - Bumper Sticker
Model: BUMP03
Say what you mean with our world class bumper sticker!..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Soil Mineralizer, 50 lb
Fertrell Soil Mineralizer is a blend of aragonite, greensand, natural potash, and sulfur. The aragonite is a great source of available calcium and tra..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Gold Starter Special 2-4-2, 50#
Gold Starter Special 2-4-2: The readily-available phosphorous in this starter or "pop-up" fertilizer speeds germination and promotes fast, vigorous gr..
Model: Captain Jack's Dead Bug, Pint
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew  is a safe, broad-spectrum insecticide that contains Spinosad (spin-OH-sid), a naturally occuring soil-dwelling bacte..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Redmond #10 Fine Min Salt 50lb
This OMRI-listed organic natural trace mineral rock salt from Redmond, Utah is a pure naturally occuring sodium chloride mixed with trace mi..
Copper Fungicide, Ready To Use, Qt
2 - 3 Days
Model: Copper Fungicide RTU Qt
 Copper Fungicide in ready to use spray bottle.  Organically treats and controls a wide range of plant disease and fungi on vegetables, frui..
Unker's Medicated Salve, 7 oz.
Brand: Unker's Model: Unker's Medicated Salve, 7 oz.
Unker's Medicated Salve. A multi-purpose medicated salve is meant for every day use and provides relief from deep muscle aches and pains, eczema, psor..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Aragonite, Fine, 50#
Fertrell Aragonite by Fertrell is an Organic form of calcium consisting of a mixture of dredged sea shells and coral. Organic Feed additive for poultr..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Redmond Conditioner 50#
This trace mineral colloidal silicate contains nearly 50 mineral compounds. Feed it free choice, as a top dressing or in a TMR to beef and dairy cattl..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Holly Care, 50 lb.
This organic-based plant food provides the high level of phosphoric acid needed by acid-loving plants like hollies, dogwoods, gardenias, marigolds, rh..
SHW Long Compost Fork - 5 Tines
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: SHW Long Compost Fork
SHW Long Compost Fork features 5 German gorged steel tines that are very strong; extra-long reach and t-grip handle make this tool very ergonomic as w..
Planting Mix, 1 cu.yd.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Organic Planting Mix, Bulk
Perfect for growing vegetables in raised beds, this mix of compost, topsoil, decomposed hardwood fines, leaf fines, and sand is better than anything e..
Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 7' X 500' Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 7' X 500'
Model: Dewitt
Protect your plants from frost using Dewitt Frost Blankets.  This durable row cover fabric is great for extending the growing season.  Frost..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Blue N 5-1-1, 50 lb.
This advanced formula provides time-released nitrogen in a multi-nutrient organic fertilizer. Blue N is specially formulated for crops that require mo..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super K 3-4-7, 50lb
Super K 3-4-7 is an organic fertilizer formulated for use on garden vegetables to meet the increased requirement for potassium. Fertrell Super K 3-4-7..
Brand: Earth Tools Model: SHW Std Compost Fork
An indispensable tool for any gardener, but this one is built to last: a 5-tine head made from German-Forged steel..  T-grip handle for comfort &..
Model: Thuricide (Bonide) BT Conc Pint
Thuricide (Bonide) BT Kurstaki 15% A liquid formulation of bacteria. Controls caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and le..

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