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Earthy Browns Bar Soap
Model: Soap
Gardeners Soap from Earthy Browns Natural Products made here in Louisville, KY. Varieties include Tea Tree, Olive Oil, Lavender, and more...
Poultry Waterer, Galvinized, 2 Gal.
New 2 - 3 Days
Model: Waterer Galv 2 gal
The Little Giant 2 gallon Poultry Fount Waterer is designed with a heavy gauge, galvanized steel and rolled edges for safety. Includes brass valves an..
Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer, 16%, 50 lb.
Brand: Countryside Natural Products Model: Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer
Our certified organic soy-free poultry Layer Feed is an ideal mix for those who may have soy sensitivity. We replace the soy with high protein fi..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Holly Care, 50 lb.
This organic-based plant food provides the high level of phosphoric acid needed by acid-loving plants like hollies, dogwoods, gardenias, marigolds, rh..
SHW Long Compost Fork - 5 Tines
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: SHW Long Compost Fork
SHW Long Compost Fork features 5 German gorged steel tines that are very strong; extra-long reach and t-grip handle make this tool very ergonomic as w..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Landscape Anchor Pin, 12
Great for pinning landscape fabric, row cover, shade cloth or whatever.  6"  long. Sturdy and longlasting. Multi- year use...
Triple Crown Shade Mix Grass Seed, 25lb Bag
Model: Shady Mix, Triple Crown, 25#
Triple Crown Shady Grass Seed Mix. Ideal for lawns with partial to little sun. This grass mix has a finer leaf, darker green color, needs less waterer..
Equine Compost, 1 Cubic Yard
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Compost, CertOrg Equine 1CY
We are proud of our equine compost!  It's available for pick-up or local delivery only.  The difference is obvious when you look at it and s..
Model: Meal Worms, 1 lb
Dried meal worms are a great source of protein for poultry - and man they love the treat. Use this high protein offering to train or treat your chicke..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Gold Starter Special 2-4-2, 50#
Gold Starter Special 2-4-2: The readily-available phosphorous in this starter or "pop-up" fertilizer speeds germination and promotes fast, vigorous gr..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Aragonite, Raw 50lb
Granular Aragonite by Fertrell is an excellent non synthetic choice for organic calcium uptake. 40% Immediately available calcium. Benefical Microbes ..
Chicken Coop, 4 chickens Chicken Coop, 4 chickens
New Pre-Order
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Chicken Coop, 4 chicken
This product is made in-house and we are proud of it! We tried selling the kits made abroad, we tried the kits made in U.S., but nothing held up to ou..
Model: Pop up Greenhouse 1'x2'x12'
This is an excellent, durable, collapsable, portable greenhouse. It is ideal for extending your growing season. Made from heavy gauge plasic and ..
Hori-SS 12/5" Knife Tool
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Hori-SS 12/5
Extremely strong, comfortable and multifunctional, these Japanese garden knifes are a gardener's best friend.  Use for cutting, digging, sawing, ..
Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 7' X 500' Frost Blanket, Deluxe - 7' X 500'
Model: Dewitt
Protect your plants from frost using Dewitt Frost Blankets.  This durable row cover fabric is great for extending the growing season.  Frost..
Mole Scram
Model: MOL01
MOLE SCRAM ™ was developed by EPIC as America’s Finest™ mole repellent. It is designed to provide the best mole repelling power for less money. Mol..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Liquid Kelp, 1 gal.
Fertrell's liquid kelp contains a broad range of essential microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates. This biostimulan..
Raised Garden Bed, Cedar, 8' x 3' Raised Garden Bed, Cedar, 8' x 3'
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Raised Bed 8x3
Or raised garden bed is 8' X 3' X 18" and is made from 2" thick Eastern Red Cedar for durability.  A raised bed provides great control ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Rose Food 4-2-4, 50 lb.
This one's a favorite with American rose growers that want performance without the use of chemical fertilzers. The multipurpose plant food contains re..
Fertrell Liquid Organic Kelp, 1 qt.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid Kelp, 1 quart
Liquid kelp contains all  essential microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates for robust plant growth. This biost..
Wilcox Stainless Steel Trowel
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Wilcox Stainless Steel Trowel
This is, simply put, the most indestructible trowel we've ever found. Aside from losing it, you'll never get rid of it. A simple yet brilliant design ..
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Bahco Snips, P 127-19
This is a popular lightweight snips because of it's serrated counterblade, which keeps slick stems from popping out while cutting. Very popular for ve..
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Diatomaceous Earth Red Lake 6#
This is a great product with multiple uses. It is specially formulated for agricultural use. It is OMRI listed for use in organic production and regis..
Bird Netting, DeWitt, 7'x20'
Model: Bird Netting 7'x20'
Bird netting is ideal for protecting your garden and vegetables from birds and other unwanted critters. Lightweight, protective, and effective, it won..
Brand: Earth Tools Model: SHW Mattock
SHW Mattock w/ Axe: Designed for heavy duty work, this awesome tool is great for heavy chopping, trail maintenance, root pruning, and primary cultivat..
Fertrell Fish Emulsion Liquid #1 3-1-1, 1 gal.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid #1 3-1-1, 1 gallon
 Fish Emulsion  Liquid Fertilizer #1 can be used in the row to transplant water or as a foliar spray. Liquid Fish #1 is rich with prima..
Dewit Half Moon  Hoe
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Dewit HalfMoon Hoe
This is a great tool for hoeing and weeding. Proper use of this hoe usually requires some re-training for most Americans. To use correctly, hold this ..
Model: Surround WP
Surround WP Kaolin Clay Crop Protectant  works against insects, disease & sunburn. Derived from Kaolin clay, a natural mineral that forms a b..

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