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Brand: Fertrell Model: Super K 3-4-7, 50lb
Super K 3-4-7 is an organic fertilizer formulated for use on garden vegetables to meet the increased requirement for potassium. Fertrell Super K 3-4-7 is made with raw aragonite, bone char, chicken manure, crab meal, algae potash, and peanut meal. Formulated with more phosphorous and potassium than ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super N 4-2-4, 50#
Super N 4-2-4 is specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get the germinating seedling off to a fast and vigorous start. While at the same time supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed the crop through the entir..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Turf Pro 5-0-5, Granulated 50#
Turf Pro 5-0-5: An all natural, organic turf fertilizer that is safe for people and pets. For use on established lawns...
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