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Organic Pest & Weed Control

We have great solutions for the non-toxic farmer when it comes to pest and weed control. We can find the solution to fit your budget and your needs, whether its pesky critters or weed infestation. We employ multiple solutions - row cover, beneficial insects, organic insecticides, netting, organic herbicides, hand tools, mulch, ground cover, and more! Most importantly, we have experience and knowledge. Email, call, or stop by and find out why our customers look to us first when solving their farming and gardening challenges!

Oxidate, 2.5 gal
Free 2 - 3 Days
Model: Oxidate
This OMRI listed fungicdeis made from Hydrogen dioxide. Very effective in greenhouses, root cellars or for field spray. Good to use up to day of harvest. Oxidizes within 24 hours...
Brand: A.M. Leonard Model: 36
Trees are great - but only if they can grow undamaged! Protect your investment with this durable vinyl tree guard wrap.  Its easy to install, economical, long lasting, and reusable. Built to professional standards for durability, weather resistant and easy use. It installs quickly and provides ..
Mantids Eggs
2 - 3 Days
Model: Mantids Eggs
 Praying Mantis eat various mites, insect eggs, aphids, leafhoppers, mosquitoes, caterpillars and other insects when young. The adult mantis will eat larger pest insects. 200 mantids will hatch from each egg case...
Bonide Sulfur Fungicide Dust
2 - 3 Days
Model: Sulfur Fungicide Dust
Bonide Sulfur Fungicide is a specially prepared micronic sulfur powder suitable for use as a dust or spray. The fine particle size gives better coverage, adhesion and disease control. This product controls a large number of diseases on fruits, vegetables and various ornamentals. Approved for organic..
Poison Oak & Ivy Killer
2 - 3 Days
Model: Poison Oak & Ivy Killer
Bonide Poison Oak & Ivy Killer is  a conventional, effective herbicide that contains Trimec(R) three way herbicide for effective weed control to the roots. This systemic herbicide controls a wide range of broadleaf lawn weeds. For best results, apply when weeds are activ..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Weed Block
Prevents weeds and promotes root growth. Spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your garden...
Brand: Bradley Caldwell Farm & Home (BCI) Model: Japanese Beetle RTU Qt
An effective and safe insecticide for Japanese beetles. Immediate results. ..
Bonide Copper Fungicide, Spray, 32 0z.
Model: Bonide Copper Fungicide
32 oz., Ready to Use, Copper Fungicide. Copper Sulfate 7.0% for controlling early, and late blight, leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose, and certain other fungal diseases on various vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, and fruits. Formula will not burn plants. Contains Copper Octanoate, which is a Co..
Captain Jack's Dead Bug, RTU
New 2 - 3 Days
Model: Captain Jack's Dead Bug, Pint
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew  is a safe, broad-spectrum insecticide that contains Spinosad (spin-OH-sid), a naturally occuring soil-dwelling bacteria that was collected on a Caribbean island from an abandoned rum distillery in 1982. Argh! Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew kills bagworms, borers, beet..
Organic Copper Fungicide, Ready To Use, Qt
2 - 3 Days
Model: Copper Fungicide RTU Qt
Organic Copper Fungicide in ready to use spray bottle.  Organically treats and controls a wide range of plant disease and fungi on vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  All natural, ready to use product is approved for organic gardening...
2 - 3 Days
Model: Ladybugs
Typically, Ladybugs (Hippodamia convergens) eat over 5,000 Aphids and other soft-bodied pests during their one-year lifetime. Ladybugs are one of the few beneficial insects that can be stored, dormant, in the refrigerator for several (2-3) weeks, depending on the time of year, as long as they don't ..
Brand: Cisco Seeds Model: Insect Soap, Safer
The Safer® Brand insect killing soap utilizes the power of potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap). The potassium salts weaken the insect's waxy protective outer shell.  Apply every 7-10 days when insects are present or as needed to prevent further damage.  Safer® Brand ..
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