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Plants are everywhere at Fresh Start, and we continue to grow and bring in more everyday! We grow our own vegetable starts with organic inputs and seeds. We nurture them like babies, then put them out fresh everyday when they are ready. We carry a large variety of vegetable starts that correspond with the seasons. Kale and collards, lettuce and leeks, tomatoes and turnips, its all good and grown with our customers' health in mind. We carry common perreniel fruit varieties like blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry - all locally grown and certified organic. We also buy from local vendors a select variety or sustainably-grown plant products for those customers who prefer it. We are here to please and know you will be!

Organic Strawberry Plants, QT.
Model: Strawberry, Quart
Organic strawberry plants available starting in March.  Varieties available are Honeoye, Red Chief, Valley Sunset, Wendy, Tennessee Beauty (heirloom), and Northeaster.  Pick up in store only. ..
Organic Blackberry Plants, Quart
Model: Organic Blackberry Plants
Organic Blackberry plants are seasonally available in quart size containers.  Navajo, Apache, and Tripe Crown varieties. In store pickup only...
Organic Raspberry Plants Qt.
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Model: organic raspberry plants, qt.
Organic Raspberry plants.  3 varieties available:  Red: Nova, Boyne (summer types); Nantahala (fall type). In store only...
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