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The soul of what we do here at Fresh Start Growers Supply is gardening. We have our hands in the dirt all day long! We believe that is the best way to know what our customers need and want. So no matter what you are doing with your garden, we can help. Soil management, plants, seeds, insect and disease management, beneficial insects -it doesnt matter, we will be glad to guide you to success! Let us know how we can help.

Predatory Nematodes
New Hot 2 - 3 Days
Model: Predatory Nematodes
 "Double-Death" Predator Nematodes are some of the most useful pest controls to come along in years. They attack and kill more than 250 different insects, including Fleas, Thrips, Fungus Gnats, even insects as large as Cutworms! Nearly any insect that spends a part of its lifecycle in the soil ..
Row Cover Row Cover
Brand: Dewitt Model: dew-fr-01
We have worked hard with our supplier to bring the highest quality and lowest cost row covers to our friends at Fresh Start. Protect your plants from frost andinsects, and sun using Dewitt row cover. Use it in summer for insect mangement or shade cloth.  This durable row cover fabric is gr..
Winter Cover Crop Mix, 50 lb Bag
New Out Of Stock
Model: Winter Cover Crop
This winter cover crop mix is a blend of Mammoth Red Clover, Winter Rye, Austrian Winter Peas, and Groundhog Radish. Bulk Pricing is available upon request.  Call 502-442-7883...
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