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The soul of what we do here at Fresh Start Growers Supply is gardening. We have our hands in the dirt all day long! We believe that is the best way to know what our customers need and want. So no matter what you are doing with your garden, we can help. Soil management, plants, seeds, insect and disease management, beneficial insects -it doesnt matter, we will be glad to guide you to success! Let us know how we can help.

Raised Garden Bed, Cedar, 8' x 3' Raised Garden Bed, Cedar, 8' x 3'
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Raised Bed 8x3
Or raised garden bed is 8' X 3' X 18" and is made from 2" thick Eastern Red Cedar for durability.  A raised bed provides great control over soil conditions, better drainage, and lessens the need for weeding and fertilizing.  This convenient kit comes easy to assemble and is ..
Broad Fork
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Broad Fork
The broad fork is a secondary cultivation garden tool used to manually break up densely packed soil beds, to improve aeration and drainage. The five forged tines have a 9" penetration depth and working width of 17.5". This is an excellent secondary secondary tillage tool but not recommended for turn..
Frost Blanket, Supreme - 10' X 500' Frost Blanket, Supreme - 10' X 500'
Brand: Dewitt Model: Dewitt
Protect your plants from frost using Dewitt Frost Blankets.  This durable row cover fabric is great for extending the growing season.  Frost Protection Fabric is ideal for trees, shrubs, and crops. Compares with Agribon and Reemay. Product Name (oz/yds2) Protection - Deg..
Model: Potting Table, 52"x30x72" base model
Made by hand in house.  This potting table made of eastern cedar is functional in addition to being attractive.  Long lasting, durable potting table is ideal for an home gardenener put in the yard or in a potting shed. it has a bottom shelf, durable plastic potting surface, and a study bac..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Liquid Organic Kelp, 5 gallon
Contain all microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates. This biostimulant cures minor nutrient deficiency and helps to develop root systems. It can also be used to reduce herbicide use. Apply Liquid Kelp with any water-soluble spray...
Ballistol Lubricant,  1 gal.
New 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Washington Trading Company, Inc. Model: Ballistol Lube, Gallon
Ballistol is an environmentally friendly alternative lubricant that can be used to clean, protect, and lubricate just about anything. It is plant based, not petroleum Wood, leather, metal, rubber, it don't matter.  Use on garden tools, firearms, sporting equipment, machinery, and more. Lubricat..
Winter Cover Crop Mix, 50 lb Bag
New Out Of Stock
Model: Winter Cover Crop
This winter cover crop mix is a blend of Mammoth Red Clover, Winter Rye, Austrian Winter Peas, and Groundhog Radish. Bulk Pricing is available upon request.  Call 502-442-7883...
Dewit Spade,  T Handle
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Dewit Std Spade w/T-Handle
The Dewit standard spade with a T-Handle has an upright angle and a  pointed spade. It makes for quick work where vertical cuts are needed. Head: 7" x 11", Length: 47.5", Weight: 4.2 lbs..
Dewit Diamond Hoe
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Dewit Diamond Hoe, 60" handle
Dewit Diamond Hoe.  Also known as a "scuffle hoe", this tool has a blade that lays flat on the ground to slice weeds at or just below the surface. Cuts in both directions so there is no wasted movement. This is the fastest hoe going, once you get used to it. This tool works best when weeds are ..
Dewit Half Moon  Hoe
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Earth Tools Model: Dewit HalfMoon Hoe
This is a great tool for hoeing and weeding. Proper use of this hoe usually requires some re-training for most Americans. To use correctly, hold this garden hoe like you would hold a broom and sweep the weeds off by slicing with the head virtually flat on the ground. This motion with the angle built..
Triple Crown Shade Mix Grass Seed, 25lb Bag
Model: Shady Mix, Triple Crown, 25#
Triple Crown Shady Grass Seed Mix. Ideal for lawns with partial to little sun. This grass mix has a finer leaf, darker green color, needs less waterering, and is disease resistant...
Fescue Mix, Triple Crown, 25 lb.
New Hot 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Caudill Seeds Model: Fescue Mix, Triple Crown, 25 lb.
 A blend of three elite turf-type tall fescues specifically selected for Kentucky and Southern Indiana. "Triple Crown" exhibits outstanding dark green color and fine texture with improved mowability and is one of the most drought and wear tolerant of lawn grasses...
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