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Organic Fertilizers

Tuning up your soil demands careful analysis that fits your plant plan and your soil test. We believe that the key to yield and overall soil health depends on exacting prescriptions of amendments and fertilizer. We work with independent soil labs that create honest and thorough soil profiles. We carefully review the results with our certified organic agronomists and then recommend what elements need to be replinished in the soil. Then we recommend the best amendments and fertilizers for the job. We are confident that you will see the results of this thoughtful approach and quality product line. 

Brand: Fertrell Model: Bio-Hume Liquid Humate Concentrate, 5Gal.
This liquid product is derived from humates, or decayed organic matter. Its high cation exchange capacity holds nutrients in the soil to prevent leaching and runoff. Humic Acid also enhances seed germination, tilth, soil aeration, water retention and root and top growth...
Fertrell Fish Emulsion Fertilizer #3, 5 gal.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid #3 2-1-1, 5 gallon
Add this product to liquid fertilizer or use it as a foliar supplement spray. Liquid Fish & Kelp #3 helps during the stressful periods of plant growth -- early growth, budding, pod formation and fruiting. It protects plants when applied prior to frost, and revitalizes those damaged by herbicide...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Liquid Organic Kelp, 5 gallon
Contain all microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates. This biostimulant cures minor nutrient deficiency and helps to develop root systems. It can also be used to reduce herbicide use. Apply Liquid Kelp with any water-soluble spray...
Model: Fertrell Feather Meal, 50 lb.
This is a slow release organic nitrogen source (12 -14%) Ground poultry feather.  Use on corn, leafy greens, trees, shrubs, and many other vegetables. Apply at 200-400 lb/acre or for gardens use 25-50 lb/1000 sq ft...
Sulfate of Magnesium Potassium (Sul-Po-Mag.)
2 - 3 Days
Model: Sul-Po-Mag
Sulfate of Magnesium Potassium. This product is made from a soluble sulfate of potash magnesia. Apply this crushed mineral in areas where magnesium and potassium are deficient and calcium is abundant. Soil pH will remain the same. 0-0-22-22 S-18 Mg..
Sulfate of Potash 50 lb.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Sulfate of Potash
Sulfate of Potash helps Potassium deficient soils thrive with this mixture of potassium and sulfate. Typical analysis: 0-0-50-20S. Please check for availability before placing your order...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Blue N 5-1-1, 50 lb.
This advanced formula provides time-released nitrogen in a multi-nutrient organic fertilizer. Blue N is specially formulated for crops that require more nitrogen when manures and legume rotations are used minimally. When broadcast and plowed under or worked into the soil, Blue N maximizes growth and..
Model: Super N 4-2-4 w/zinc & boron
Super N 4-2-4 with Zinc & Boron: Specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get germinating seedlings off to a fast and vigorous start. Also supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed through the entire growing ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell All Purp 5-5-3, Earth Frd 50#
This organic fertilizer blend provides a hearty balance of slow-release nutrients without posing the risk of burn. Additionally, it improves water penetration while conditioning the soil for vigorous root growth. Typical application is 10 lbs per 1000 sq ft...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Berry Mix 4-2-4, 50#
Berry Mix 4-2-4 is an organic fertilizer for different berry plants including raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. This blended organic plant food helps berries grow bigger and juicier and it generates more flavorful berry. Berry Mix works in most soil types and is best when applied working ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super N 4-2-4, 50#
Super N 4-2-4 is specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get the germinating seedling off to a fast and vigorous start. While at the same time supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed the crop through the entir..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Turf Pro 5-0-5, Granulated 50#
Turf Pro 5-0-5: An all natural, organic turf fertilizer that is safe for people and pets. For use on established lawns...
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