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The beginning and end of all gardens is the soil. We believe, therefore, our fertilizers, composts, and amendments are critical to our customers' success. And that's why we carefully recommend our products - they are proven, professionally used, and give great, consistent results. There are other newer brands and blends out there for sure. And some are pretty good. But we picked our lines because they have a long standing record of excellent performance, and bring lasting value to your farm or garden by greatly improving your soil. Our primary line, Fertrell, is the oldest organic fertilizer company in America. Back when every one jumped on the chemical bandwagon in the '40s and  '50s, Fertrell stayed with traditional blends that feed the soil - no petrochemicals. And they have continued to expand and refine their products to keep the professional user and backyarder satisfied. So if you like what you hearing, give us a shout and we will be glad to assist.