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The beginning and end of all gardens is the soil. We believe, therefore, our fertilizers, composts, and amendments are critical to our customers' success. And that's why we carefully recommend our products - they are proven, professionally used, and give great, consistent results. There are other newer brands and blends out there for sure. And some are pretty good. But we picked our lines because they have a long standing record of excellent performance, and bring lasting value to your farm or garden by greatly improving your soil. Our primary line, Fertrell, is the oldest organic fertilizer company in America. Back when every one jumped on the chemical bandwagon in the '40s and  '50s, Fertrell stayed with traditional blends that feed the soil - no petrochemicals. And they have continued to expand and refine their products to keep the professional user and backyarder satisfied. So if you like what you hearing, give us a shout and we will be glad to assist. 

Worm Castings, 1 cu. ft. Worm Castings, 1 cu. ft.
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Worm Castings, 1 cu ft.
Worm castings can be added to your soil to provide a rich source of nutrients as well as organic matter and microbial life. 5 gallons. If your aim is to create great, healthy soil, worm poop is one of the best places to start. Also known as worm castings, vermicompost or vermicastings, worm poop can..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Turf Pro 5-0-5, Granulated 50#
Turf Pro 5-0-5: An all natural, organic turf fertilizer that is safe for people and pets. For use on established lawns...
Model: Thuricide (Bonide) BT Conc Pint
Thuricide (Bonide) BT Kurstaki 15% A liquid formulation of bacteria. Controls caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers. One pint treats up to 10,875 sq. ft. Wonâ..
Model: Surround WP
Surround WP Kaolin Clay Crop Protectant  works against insects, disease & sunburn. Derived from Kaolin clay, a natural mineral that forms a barrier against insect pests and disease while protecting against sunburn and heat stress. OMRI Listed. Use only after pollination to protect against d..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super N 4-2-4, 50#
Super N 4-2-4 is specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get the germinating seedling off to a fast and vigorous start. While at the same time supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed the crop through the entir..
Model: Super N 4-2-4 w/zinc & boron
Super N 4-2-4 with Zinc & Boron: Specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food. This organic fertilizer provides readily available nutrients to get germinating seedlings off to a fast and vigorous start. Also supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed through the entire growing ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Super K 3-4-7, 50lb
Super K 3-4-7 is an organic fertilizer formulated for use on garden vegetables to meet the increased requirement for potassium. Fertrell Super K 3-4-7 is made with raw aragonite, bone char, chicken manure, crab meal, algae potash, and peanut meal. Formulated with more phosphorous and potassium than ..
Sulfate of Potash 50 lb.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Sulfate of Potash
Sulfate of Potash helps Potassium deficient soils thrive with this mixture of potassium and sulfate. Typical analysis: 0-0-50-20S. Please check for availability before placing your order...
Sulfate of Magnesium Potassium (Sul-Po-Mag.)
2 - 3 Days
Model: Sul-Po-Mag
Sulfate of Magnesium Potassium. This product is made from a soluble sulfate of potash magnesia. Apply this crushed mineral in areas where magnesium and potassium are deficient and calcium is abundant. Soil pH will remain the same. 0-0-22-22 S-18 Mg..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Redmond #10 Fine Min Salt 50lb
This OMRI-listed organic natural trace mineral rock salt from Redmond, Utah is a pure naturally occuring sodium chloride mixed with trace minerals. It contains many valuable natural trace minerals and makes an excellent free choice salt. This is not processed, like many competitors' produc..
Planting Mix, 1 cu.yd.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Organic Planting Mix, Bulk
Perfect for growing vegetables in raised beds, this mix of compost, topsoil, decomposed hardwood fines, leaf fines, and sand is better than anything else you will find. We looked at the competition and decided we could do better! Don't be fooled by inferieor offerings, they are ground to look fluffy..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Perlite Extra Coarse
Used as a component of growing mixes, this perlite provides aeration and optimum moisture retention for superior plant growth. Suitable for organic use. ..
Model: Mulch, Bulk
There are many mulches avalable in our area. Some are better than others. Quality mulch is made from hardwood, and double cut. It lasts longer than inferior offerings and has a more uniform composition, making it easier to spread and giving it a more finished look. There is no lumber, trash trees, b..
Model: Frey's Potting Mix, 2.8 cu.ft.
This is our best mix for seed starting. Commercial grade and certified for organic use. Lightweight organic soil mixture of pine fines, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, plus greensand, coconut fiber,bone meal, feather meal, blood meal and algae potash for an even nutrient charge. This is a foolproof..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Aragonite, Raw 50lb
Granular Aragonite by Fertrell is an excellent non synthetic choice for organic calcium uptake. 40% Immediately available calcium. Benefical Microbes for soil. Ground sea shell. Used as an organic amendment input to provide a safe, very effective, and quick acting organic source of ca..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Soil Mineralizer, 50 lb
Fertrell Soil Mineralizer is a blend of aragonite, greensand, natural potash, and sulfur. The aragonite is a great source of available calcium and trace minerals. Greensand increases the water holding capacity and is a great source of trace minerals. Natural potash is a great source of potash and sa..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Rose Food 4-2-4, 50 lb.
This one's a favorite with American rose growers that want performance without the use of chemical fertilzers. The multipurpose plant food contains readily-available nutrients to give new roses a jumpstart, while time-released nutrients feed the plant through the rest of its growing cycle. customer ..
Fertrell Liquid Organic Kelp, 1 qt.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid Kelp, 1 quart
Liquid kelp contains all  essential microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates for robust plant growth. This biostimulant cures minor nutrient deficiency and helps to develop root systems. It can also be used to reduce herbicide use. Apply Fertrell Organic Li..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Liquid Organic Kelp, 5 gallon
Contain all microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates. This biostimulant cures minor nutrient deficiency and helps to develop root systems. It can also be used to reduce herbicide use. Apply Liquid Kelp with any water-soluble spray...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Liquid Kelp, 1 gal.
Fertrell's liquid kelp contains a broad range of essential microelements, growth plant hormones, vitamins, enzymes and carbohydrates. This biostimulant cures minor nutrient deficiency and helps to develop root systems. This is a great addition to your fertilization program.  Mixes and applies e..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Holly Care, 50 lb.
This organic-based plant food provides the high level of phosphoric acid needed by acid-loving plants like hollies, dogwoods, gardenias, marigolds, rhododendrons, azaleas, ferns and hydrangeas. Typical analysis: 4-6-4. Also great for blueberries!..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Green Potash, 50 lb.
A naturally occuring potash source derived from kelp. Greensand is added for the benefit of the trace minerals and potash. Green Potash works great in a situation where the soil is in need of a Potash. 0-0-15. This is approved for organic use; always confirm use with your certifier prior to use...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Gold Starter Special 2-4-2, 50#
Gold Starter Special 2-4-2: The readily-available phosphorous in this starter or "pop-up" fertilizer speeds germination and promotes fast, vigorous growth. Gold Starter Special works well in areas with a short growing season or during the wet season on heavier soils. When applied in a band, Gold Sta..
Fertrell Fish Emulsion Liquid #1 3-1-1, 1 gal.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid #1 3-1-1, 1 gallon
 Fish Emulsion  Liquid Fertilizer #1 can be used in the row to transplant water or as a foliar spray. Liquid Fish #1 is rich with primary nutrients and trace elements. It's great on lawn, flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables and field crops. Typical analysis: 4-1-1...
Fertrell Fish Emulsion Fertilizer #3, 5 gal.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Liquid #3 2-1-1, 5 gallon
Add this product to liquid fertilizer or use it as a foliar supplement spray. Liquid Fish & Kelp #3 helps during the stressful periods of plant growth -- early growth, budding, pod formation and fruiting. It protects plants when applied prior to frost, and revitalizes those damaged by herbicide...
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