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We all know great feed right. Or do we? For us at Fresh Start, we believe it means whole grains like corn and roasted soy (always non-GMO) cracked fresh,  and mixed with other honest ingredients. Like Fertrell's Nutri-balancer organic feed supplements. These are a super better blend of vitamins of minerals to suit the animal and it's stage of development. And other things like organic oats, alfalfa meal, kelp, and fish meal. The poultry and livestock you raise will grow better, perform better, and harvest better. And let's be honest, they will taste better and provide a more nutrient dense meal for your family, friends, and customers. But remember, great feed is just part of the larger scheme. Our animals also need great pasture, forage,water and places to rest. All this combines to make a sustainable situation that provides the best for our animals, and ultimatley us!

Model: Pride Tuff Feeder
This is the ultimate 3 compartment feeder. We defy you to find one better. The durable construction will give decades of use. We have never had one single incidence of flipping or damage. Yes it costs more. But not too worry, it will outlast all others...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Poultry Nutri-Balancer, Organic 60 lb
This is a powerful premium supplement suitable for organic poultry production. Contains specialty materials -kelp meal and direct fed microbials. We find the high quality of this vitamin-mineral supplement is unmatched.  Use as an organic feed additive. We use this to make our in-hous..
Organic Goat Nutri-Balancer, 50lb
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Goat Nutri-Balancer, Org 50#
This Nutri-Balancer provides nutrition requirements for all stages of a goat's life. It's formulated with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for optimum health. Use it with high-quality grains and forages for maximum benefits. Guaranteed analysis: Goat Mineral..
Brand: Thorvin Model: Kelp Meal 50 lb.
The best all around animal nutritional supplement we can think of. Kelp is packed with 30+ nutrients, it improves weight gain in livestock, egg laying in layers, and creates a robust immune system to fight stress. Given free chioice or mixed in feed portions. Great for recovery of sick or stressed a..
Organic Grazier's Choice, 50lb Bag
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Grazier's Choice, Organic 50#
Organic Grazing livestock need supplemental calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and selenium. Feed them this ready-to-use blend of kelp meal, soft rock phosphate, trace mineral salt, vitamin E, selenium and diatomaceous earth. Because it contains no added copper, Grazier's Choice is safe for all livestock..
Organic Cattle Choice,  50 lb.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Cattle Choice 12-12 Organic, 50
This potent, high-mineral blend is specifically designed to balance the micro- and macrominerals required of high-performance beef and dairy cattle. Because it contains copper, Cattle Choice should not be fed to sheep. Excellent for yield boost...
Brand: Bradley Caldwell Farm & Home (BCI) Model: Dog Food 30#
Taste of the Wild Organic Dog Food, a grain-free formula with sweet potatoes and peas provides highly digestible energy for your active dog. Made with real roasted meats, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other. Supplemented with fruits and vegetables, this hearty formula delivers natura..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Swine Grower w/o Lysine Org 60#
When lysine is not certified, use this organic premix.  Organic Swine Feed gives your hogs complete nutrition with this premixed vitamin and mineral supplement. It's blended to promote feed efficiency...
Brand: Fertrell Model: Organic Rabbit Feed 50 lb.
This is the supreme premium organic rabbit feed for we have searched for. It is a complete, packed with mineral and vitamins. The performance is tremendous: healthier bunnies, excellent coat and weight gain. The immune system of the rabbits will be more vigorous with this high performance mix. ..
Model: Alfalfa Meal, Organic, 50 lb.
Organic Alfalfa meal is both a great nutrional additive to livestock and poultry feed mixes and an excellent soil fertililzer. Abundant and locally produced, alfalfa meal also makes a great tea for gardens. This perennial is about as sustainable as it gets.  Works as an organic feed Input for p..
Organic Soy-Free Poultry Grower/Starter, 21%, 50 lb.
Brand: Countryside Natural Products Model: Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer
Our certified organic soy-free poultry Grower Feed is an ideal mix for those who may have soy sensitivity, and are looking to get chicks and pullets up to size with high protein. We replace the soy with high protein field peas which create a similar protein profile. We have seen consistently ex..
Organic  Fertrell Sow Premix, 50 lb.
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Fertrell Model: Sow Premix, Organic, 50#
This feed has extra calcium and vitamins to support gestating and lactating sows. We highly recommend for the new mama with mouths to feed. Ask any Fertrell user and they will sell you on their products. We always welcome your questions!..
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