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Seed, glorious, seed. We got it. We have the largest variety or certified organic garden seed and cover crop seed in the area. Its what we do! We also carry conventional seed for those that prefer it. Vegetables, native grasses, native wildflowers, even interesting varieties from Italy. The thing is, we want our customers to have what they want. We can do customer blends in any size to suit our customer's particular situation. And if we don't have what you want, we will help you find it, even if it is our friendly competitors. We are here to help, so let us know what it is you are looking for.

Organic German Butterball
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Golden skin with yellow flesh.  • Medium to large round/oval shaped tubers. • Excellent storage qualities.  • Late season (110-135+ days) Growing Guide: High-yielding. Creamy yellow flesh is perfect for roasting, just dry enough for a fry or hash. Di..
Organic Canela
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Heavy russet skin and bright white flesh. • Long, uniform, oblong shaped tubers.  • Storage potato.  • Mid/Late season (95-110+ days). Growing Guide: It prefers to be planted in April or May. This variety adapts well to many conditions and does not require h..
Fescue Mix, Triple Crown 1 lb. (in store only)
Hot 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Caudill Seeds Model: Fescue Mix, Triple Crown 1 lb.
 A blend of three elite turf-type tall fescues specifically selected for Kentucky and Southern Indiana. "Triple Crown" exhibits outstanding dark green color and fine texture with improved mowability and is one of the most drought and wear tolerant of lawn grasses. This size avaiable in-store on..
Model: Bird Seed, Shafer Wild, 5#
Millet and sunflower mix for a broad variety of birds. Either put on ground or in feeder.  An all purpose mix to attract a wide variety of birds all year round..
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