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Wheat’s up!

Ok, I am chubbier than I like to be, but not as bad as I was two month’s ago. Old clothes are starting to reappear in the wearable column. That’s pretty cool. Also I got wood floors all over the house and the creaking sounds are not as bad when I walk across the floor. Sweet, right? It’s a little victory but a victory still!

So what magic diet is this? Doesn’t really have a name – dang you can’t have a diet without a name. It’s just so simple it hurts. ONE item eliminated – that’s it. Wheat. Yep, that’s it. Don’t laugh – I am serious. And 25 pounds lighter. So what is the mad science behind this? Well, remember the saying, ” Things ain’t what they used to be.” That goes for wheat too. Long and short of it, our wheat is genetically modified. Built for yield per acre. Not for health. So the ” new” wheat really spikes blood sugar. Even better than sucrose! So then what? That causes us to want to eat more as it kicks in the insulin. Awesome.

The details of this phenomenon are articulated in the book, WHEAT BELLY by William Davis, a doctor from Milwaukee. He kind of writes in a less than entertaining style, but it’s good info. Check it out – Wheat Belly. If you aren’t wanting to dish out the dough (get it?) just read the first 30 0r so pages on Amazon. Nope, this is not a paid endorsement. I swear!

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