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Wound Treatment for Chickens

Hey chicken keepers! What a fine thing keeping chickens is, right? Day to day it’s pretty easy but from time to time we encounter problems like a wounded bird. What to do?? Easy peasy lemon squeazy! Here are some tips  and a first aid list that will empower you and keep your flock healthy.

Skin wounds

The most common injuries with chickens are hen pecked hens…or an over aggressive  rooster lover. Pecking and  biting and scratching can leave bare spots on the skin that can get infected or invite more pecking from other hens.  So first, remove the chicken from the general flock and put it in a box or other confine that will allow you to properly inspect the wound and treat it. For this you need cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide. Remove any debris and gently clean  the damaged area.  If there are any deeper punctures, you may have to remove debris from those. Use tweezers.  After the area is clean,  apply either Blukote spray or  Neosporin or this badass holistic Amish burn and wound paste we carry, B & W ointment.  The Blukote is blue (imagine that!) and this hides the wound from the perpetrator(s).  In any case, that should get it done. Just reapply the chosen auntie the wound is looking good. Keep the chicken separate from the flock for a couple days if possible.

Bites and deep wounds

These should be treated similarly, but after cleaning, the wound may need to be closed. Use super glue,to do this. It is perfect and was originally developed for field dressing.  One tip- don’t glue you self to the bird!

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